Split Transmission Cooler Upgrade (W205)


W205 C63 Transmission Cooler.

Reduce Intake Air Temperature, Increase Horsepower by reducing heat soak.

Isolate and improve  intercooler AND transmission cooling.

  • Easily Installed, mounts to the factory front crash bar.
  • compatible with factory intercooler heat exchanger and aftermarket intercooler heat exchangers.
  • By removing the transmission heat exchanger from the intercooler circuit the performance of the intercooler system is also increased.

The more oxygen that can be forced into the combustion chamber of an engine, the more power it will produce. This is why turbocharging is so popular. The trade-off is as the turbo compresses the air it produces heat. Hot air is less dense, so there is less O2 again. Lowering the air temperature after it is compressed helps solve this trade-off.

The W205 C63 is fitted with 2 water to air intercoolers, the water is pumped through a circuit to an auxiliary, and a main heat exchanger at the front of the vehicle, where it is cooled by the air travelling over the exchanger core. 

The engineers at AMG added another oil to water heat exchanger to the circuit to control the temperature of the transmission oil. The issue with this is the water has already been warmed by the intercoolers heat exchange, and conversely the hot oil from the transmission heats the water even more, making the front heat exchangers work even harder.


The ZAC Motorsport Transmission cooler system solves both these issues. Separating the transmission oil from the intercooler circuit entirely.


600mm x 100mm x 25mm bar and plate oil cooler
Braided AN-6 Hoses
Billet Aluminum hose ends and fittings

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