Throughout the years of development on the C190 chassis, the team at PTG has been able to achieve many world records including an overall 60-130mph and 1/4 mile MPH record. This kind of scrutiny on the drivetrain has allowed us to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and every component of the AMG GT and SLS AMG.


The Mercedes-Benz Speedshift DCT in your AMG GT and SLS AMG is one of the quickest shifting transmissions ever used by the Mercedes AMG. A marvel of packaging and design, this transaxle design complements the chassis dynamics. However, under hard use and especially when tasked with increased power levels the case can crack or, under severe use, fail entirely. The engineers at PTG set out to mitigate this expensive and dangerous failure condition by designing the world's first transmission brace kit for the 7DCL750 Speedshift DCT.

Machined from high-grade anodized aluminum alloy, this four-piece kit ties together the most stressed areas of the transmission including the thin-walled differential carrier zone. No chassis modification or clearancing is required to mount this kit onto your vehicle, and all necessary fasteners are included.

If you're looking for the utmost reliability and performance from your AMG GT, look no further than the solutions offered by PTG.

Key Features:

  • Four Piece Billet Aluminum Design
  • Superior Structural Support
  • Bolt-in Design with all Hardware Included

NOTE: Core exchange required on your original transmission mount. Upon completion of installation, your original transmission mount must be sent back to PTG.

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