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Everything was important when developing this system. It’s unique design pays homage first to the builders at Mercedes AMG allowing clients to install their engine plaques right where it belongs. The large compressor that is capable of power levels past 1300hp nests itself cleanly inside the valley of the M156 engine, allowing perfect fitment under the hood. 

Driven by our ATI crank damper, the supercharger system runs a dedicated 8-rib belt system with unlimited variations of upper and lower pulley sizes. This provides superior reliability and vertically zero belt slip. 

Heat is managed via air-to-water intercooling under the hard anodized billet aluminum supercharger lid. Large inlets and outlets allow high flow and low pressure through the system. 

Large fuel rails and easy customization allow clients to run virtually any injector depending on their needs. Attention to detail on seal choice led to Ethanol safe seals and components.

The PTG 4.0L M156 Supercharger System is the true solution to a 150+ MPH 1300hp quarter mile AMG.

System Key Features:

  • PTG Cast Aluminum Upper Manifold, Symmetrical Runners, & Inlet
  • Whipple 4L Compressor Unit
  • High Efficiency Intercooler
  • 55mm Bypass Valve
  • Billet Aluminum Top Lid w/ Custom Color Options
  • 1/2 Inch Billet Fuel Rails
  • Billet Snout Cradle
  • ATI Crank Damper & 8-Rib Auxiliary Belt System
  • Crank Pin Kit
  • Relocated Power Steering Reservoir & Fittings
  • Massive Heat Exchanger & Hoses
  • 1215cc @ 4 Bar Bosch Injectors (other sizes optional)
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Verstand OBD ECU Cable (TCU Optional)

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