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The engineers at Premier Tuning Group present the worlds only complete turbocharger replacement for your M177 LS2 equipped AMG. This upgrade is a complete turbo replacement and is capable of power levels over 1,000 horsepower and have propelled E63's to the 9.80 quarter mile mark and a world record 144mph.

The heart of the M177.2 PTG-1000's is its dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing which is comprised of a 5-axis machined 58/76mm compressor wheel and an inconel 55/60mm turbine wheel. Its all new mono-scroll investment cast inconel turbine housing allows for maximum flow and performance while its cast aluminum compressor housing has a 3 inch inlet and an anti-surge compressor shroud to give you the most reliability and spool up you would expect out this upgrade.

This bolt-on package includes all needed hardware to easily install within hours.

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Turbo System Features & Parts Included:

  • 1,000+ HP Capable
  • Dual Ceramic Ball-Bearing CHRA
  • 58/76mm 5-Axis Machined Compressor Wheel
  • 55/60mm Inconel Turbine Wheel
  • Direct Fit Investment Cast Inconel Mono-Scroll Turbine Housing
  • Direct Fit Cast Aluminum Anti-Surge Compressor Housing
  • All Fittings, Hardware, and Lines for Bolt-on Fitment
  • 3 Inch Silicone Inlet Couplers
  • Reuses Factory Wastegate Actuators
  • No Core Exchange Needed (You keep your original turbos)

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Model: E63/S

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