Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Canards for Mercedes Benz C190 AMG GT GTS 2016-17


CMST Tuning Carbon Fiber Front Intake Vent Trim Cover for Mercedes Benz C190 AMG GT GTS 2015-2017

Material & Finish
  • Real Carbon Fiber with UV Protection Clear Coat
  • FRP with Primed Black Finish
*FRP is a composite material comprised of carbon fiber reinforced polymers. FRP option comes with primed finish ready to be sanded and painted. 

    Suitable For

    • 2015-2017 C190 AMG GT GTS 

    *Default prices for Carbon Fiber Parts Are for 3k (2x2) Woven Pattern Carbon Fiber with Gloss Clear Coat Finish.

    Forged pattern +20%, Matte Finish +10% Additional fees will be billed separately.


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    Material: Carbon Fiber
    Finish: Gloss

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