C63 Cold Air Intake (W205)


As AMG enthusiasts ourselves we have brought that passion into each product we create. Not to just perform well on the street and the track, but to look sensational, and sound sensational too.

  • CFD and CAD designed in Australia,
  • Handcrafted from 100% pre preg (dry) carbon fiber.
  • Washable, Oil free, cone style bell-mouth filter element for more laminar air flow into the turbo.
  • Over 300% larger filter element area
  • 3 times larger intake tube cross section at narrowest point.
  • Eliminates the restrictive factory plastic intakes
  • Increased throttle response
  • Aggressive turbo spool and BOV vent sound
  • Larger 80mm diameter turbo inlet, suitable for larger frame turbos.
  • Includes airboxes that seal against the hood
  • Includes air scoops that access 3 times the area compared to the factory ducts. Forcing more cool ambient air into your filters


Black anodized aluminum airboxes
Black anodized aluminum air scoops
100mm inlet ZAC pod filters, non oiled, washable
80mm outlet to turbo carbon inlet tubes
rubber adaptors

Whats included? 

Included in the box:Pre Preg full carbon intake tubes
ZAC dry/no oil washable filters
all clamps and bolts as required
aluminum sealed airboxes
molded rubber turbo inlet adaptors
window sticker with QR code for instructions :)


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