C63 Billet inlet manifolds (W205)


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Whereas our previous generation manifolds were all bolted together, this latest generation of manifolds are machined in 2 halves, then meticulously TIG welded together. This construction method has allowed our engineers the design freedom to be able to transition the inlet from the throttle body with a smooth, free flowing radiused bend into the manifold plenum. Reducing turbulence and therefore increasing efficiency.


M177 Manifolds



Reducing backpressure (resistance) increases efficiency.  By removing the choke point of the manifolds backpressure is reduced. The Choke point is like a gate, closing the gate part way restricts how much can get through the gate at one time, no matter what is trying to get through the gate, and how hard the push is, the gate restricts the flow.

The backpressure created inside the factory manifolds not only reduces power, it also creates high pressure at the inlet where the rubber coupling is mounted, causing the manifold to flex. The result is the manifold coupling popping off from the manifolds and throttle body. Manifold bursting or cracking is also a well documented issue in all M177 (4 liter BiTurbo) engines. 

The main benefit though is improved actual boost levels and flow into the combustion chamber. It doesn't matter how much boost the turbos generate if that air cannot get past the "gate" to the combustion chamber, power will be restricted.  Of note, is previous generations of our manifolds have yielded an increase of over 100HP at lower boost levels. Without any other changes. This is simply because of reduced restrictions. Our new design is sure to improve on this even more.

Manifold CFD



The curved inlet from the throttle body helps improve flow and reduce turbulence, The next challenge is flowing air to the cylinder ports, By increasing the size of the neck of the manifold plenum (the area between the throttle outlet and the head ports) we were able to reduce overall velocity, and keep a more constant velocity down to the cylinder ports.

C63 Billet Manifolds  

Optional Port Injection

As emissions regulations get tighter and tighter, manufacturers have had to develop technology to meet the stringent emissions targets. Direct injection (DI) is one of the results. With Mercedes opting for pure DI setup, as opposed to VW group using a combination of port and DI. Our port injection option retrofits to offer similar flexibility and tuning options (when coupled with a Piggyback ECU) as the VW/Audi systems.

The benefits of Port Injection:

  • Increased fuel capacity
  • Port cleaning effects of fuel into the intake runners, reducing carbon buildup in the ports and on the back of the inlet valves.
  • IAT cooling into the combustion chamber 
  • Ability to run full E85 fuel.


AMG Port Injection

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Anodize Color: Black

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