MBH C63 AMG Long Tube Headers


MBH Motorsports is happy to bring you our C63 AMG long tube headers. There is nothing on the market that even comes close to the quality and craftsmanship of our C63 headers.  MBH C63 headers are made 100% of the highest quality stainless steel. MBH C63 long tube headers are built to last and perform on and off the race track. The MBH C63 long tube headers are  built on the Tri-Y style of long tube headers, we are able to increase the C63 AMG’s performance to a very high level. Taking advantage of the work the C63 M156 engine is doing. Our C63 AMG long tube headers can extract spent exhaust gasses out of the exhaust port, making our C63 long tube headers a very efficient system. 

No other header on the market today can scavenge like the MBH Motorsports C63 headers can. With the large 2 inch primary tubes at a slightly shorter length. We can take advantage of the larger diameter needs of the C63 M156 engine, while not over using the 2 inch primary tube that could cause the C63 AMG to leave some power on the table. The result is a Tri-Y header that makes huge power throughout the entire RPM range. 


Our C63 AMG long tube headers have been on some of the most powerful C63s in the world, topping out at well over 600 wheel horsepower. 


The MBH headers for the C63 AMG can take the abuse. To date, we have never had one of our long tube headers fail. We pay close attention to our build quality, inspecting every header before it ships. This includes weld consistency all the way to header port cleanliness. We take the time to go over our C63 headers to make sure the customer is getting the best available product on the market.


Get yourself a set of these awesome headers and unleash the true power of your C63. 


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    All order are generally made to order, please allow about 2 week build time.  MBH Motorsports 63 header design is a registered Trademark of MBH Motorsports LLC. Any unauthorised duplication of our design will be prohibited 

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