Airmatic Suspension Lowering Module


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This lowering module makes it possible to change the AIRMATIC suspension height. The unit allows you to have full control of your suspension front and rear and adjustment in 1mm increments.
In custom mode you can select any height in front and rear separately.
Min -70mm
Max +40mm
For example, you can select -29mm front and -27mm rear.

The lowering setting will be loaded via the ODB2 diagnostic port in the footwell of the car. After plugging the module into the OBD2, the menu will appear on the Mercedes Command screen. After changing and saving the settings, the suspension will adjust to the new height in 30 seconds. The factory setting will always be stored on the module and the user can set the suspension back to the factory setting. Once the settings are loaded, simply unplug and store for future use.

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Fitment: Compatible with all 2006-2020 Mercedes equipped with airmatic suspension.

-Once purchased please text this number (206) 799-1824 with your Order # and VIN to your vehicle so we can double check compatibility for you!

W221 S-class – all models are compatible beside models equipped with ABC (active body control , often S63 ,S600 and Maybach)

W222 S-class – all models beside models equipped with ABC suspension (Maybach , and very rarely S63 coupe)

W212 – Models equipped with Airmatic (E550- most cases are compatible)

W213 : E43, E63, E53 ( are always with airmatic) , E350e( 90% airmatic) , all other models are compatible if equipped with airmatic suspension

W218 CLS : CLS550 , and models equipped with Airmatic suspension ( CLS63 and E63 w212 could be lowered only on the rear, since front is equipped with airmatic springs , rear – airmatic)

C257 CLS : CLS53 ( always airmatic) , CLS450 – often airmatic. Also compatible with all models equipped with airmatic suspension

X166 GLS / GL : GL(GLS) 550 , GL(GLS63) are always compatible. GL(GLS) 350 , 450 – if there is airmatic

W166 GLE / W166 ML: most models are compatible ( GLE 400, GLE43 , GLE 63 , GLE500 are compatible)

X253 GLC : GLC43, GLC63, GLC350e – always airmatic . all other models also if there is airmatic

X290 GT 4-door : GT63s – always , GT43 (50/50) , GT53 ( in 90% cases there is no airmatic) w205 C-class : C350e , and models equipped with airmatic. 

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