Aero Republic Mercedes Benz Carbon Fiber Front Arch Guards Mud Flaps


xCarbon Fiber wheel arch guards are a quick and easy way to reduce the damage that stones and gravel can cause to your cars bodywork. The full carbon fiber arch guards are made from our mold and finished in a clear lacquer and hand polished. 

Made of 100% carbon fiber. Made in USA.

Fits most cars

  1. Protect your car against stone chips from the front wheels
  2. Give your car an aggressive look
  3. Works with cars with/without aftermarket side skirts
  4. No drilling required to your car. Mount with OEM fender fasteners. 100% reversible mod

To be installed between fender & fender liner.

Installation steps:

  1. Measure where and how you would like your carbon fiber arch guards to sit
  2. Mark the position of the fender fasteners
  3. Start drilling with a small bit to make a pilot hole
  4. Enlarge hole with a 1/4 inch bit
  5. Put the fender fasteners back
  6. All set!

Installation Video:

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Material: Carbon Fiber

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