C63 Dual Catch Can (W205)


  • Complete plug and play system
  • 2x billet baffled and filtered catch cans 
  • Eliminates oil residue into inlet
  • helps prevent carbon buildup
  • mounts each side on radiator support
  • compatible with factory intakes and aftermarket intakes
  • As combustion occurs in any engine a certain amount of the pressure makes it past the piston ring and into the crankcase of the engine. This is called "blow by"

    To prevent the crankcase pressurizing from the blow by a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is used to allow this pressure to be relieved.

    The factory system traditionally vents back into the intake behind the air filters. this air is a mix of vaporized oil and fuel.

    As this vapor travels into the intake it forms carbon buildup,  mostly in the intake ports and valves, particularly on Direct Injected (DI) engines, that have no fuel mix in the ports behind the valves to clean the carbon off. 

    Factory systems prioritize convenience and cost over the potential performance loss and engine life compromise that a catch can system would prevent. A catch can system is costly to manufacture and needs to be maintained (emptied and cleaned). So it is easier and cheaper to vent straight back into the intake. 

    The ZAC Motorsport C63 catch can system features 2 billet aluminum catch cans. These catch cans are baffled, feature a drain bung, and a level indicator stick to check the oil level.

    Atop the catch can is a small washable filter that allows the air to vent to atmosphere.

    The ZAC Motorsport C63 catch can system features billet anodized aluminum fittings that mount to the existing factory components. The system is completely plug and play, and easily removed if ever required. The only permanent modification is drilling 2 small holes on one side of the radiator support structure. These holes will not look out of place since there are 2 holes already the same on the other side of the support structure.

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